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How to Hydrate your Gels

Tips for Gel Hydration
  1. Place non-hydrated gel balls in a container. Gel balls should be submerged in water, so continue to add enough water to cover the gel balls. Monitor this throughout the grow process.
  2. A 10,000 pack of gels fit ok in a 3litre container.
  3. Wait 4-6 hours, then drain excess water.
  4. Ready to go…!! Have Fun..!

Store in water (in or out of the refrigerator) – they will last for a long time! They will not go soft over time in water, consistency remains the same.

If you allow gel balls to dehydrate after growing them (takes 1-2 weeks to shrink), they are re-usable! Remember, if you used dirty water to grow them, the shape may deform as they start to grow or shrink.

ALWAYS wear personal protective equipment when operating a gel blaster
Be aware of your barrel – if you’re not in a game, don’t point it at other people!


– Store gels in freezer. They explode before use and just turn to mush = unusable.

– Add dish washing liquid or any other lubricant to the water – this can damage your blaster internals, and cause inconsistent shape of the gels